High Speed Pascal (HSPascal)
High Speed Pascal is a compiler (HSPC) for Palm OS platform. HSPC compiles programs written in a delphi/pascal like language to real palm applications. The compiler is developed by Christen Fihl, you find more information about High Speed Pascal on his homepage.
HSPascal and Pythia
Pythia works as a complete frontend for High Speed Pascal. Pythia gives you the comfort of the delphi ide while developing applications for palm devices.
Beside that, Pythia for HSPascal has a visual resource constructor which allow to create palm forms, alert, and other controls in the way you know it from delphi. Just add a form, and drop a button or a field or whatever palm controls you want. Then you only have to compile and that is it. Take the *.prc file and put it on your palm.
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